On today's show we share out thoughts on the new Netflix documentary "Who Killed Malcolm X ?".

On the show we pay homage to our esteemed ancestor and founder of Black History Month Dr. Carter G. Woodson.  We also discuss the deadly Coronavirus and how it can effect the Afrikan continent.

On the show we discuss the conspiracy theories around the death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant.  We also discuss the recent gun violence in our communities.

On today's show we discuss the tragic death of Kobe Bryant.  We also analyze Lebron James' comments in support of Bill Clinton, and we provide an update on France and the US military in Afrika.

On today's show we discuss the Dr. King that whites don't want us to remember.  We also discuss the rise of white supremacist being arrested by the FBI and what it really means.

On today's show we discuss the latest on Iran and the US, where we breakdown the historical tactics used by europeans to demonize other people for their own interests.  We also discuss the French military presence in Afrika, and the censorship of Iranian citizens by Facebook and Instagram.

On the show we discuss the recent assassination of Iranian General Qasem Soleimani by President Trump and the American government.  We also discuss the Wiki Leaks documents on Nelson Chamisa, and his acts of treason against his own country in favor of the US.

On today's episode we pay homage to Charlotte civil rights activist Charles Jones.  We also discuss the recent arrest of activist Kémi Seba in Burkina Faso.

On today's show we discuss the recent reports of UN "peacekeepers" rape and pedophilia in Haiti, the Zambian government standing strong against U.S. Ambassador Daniel Foote, and an update on the CFA Franc in West Afrika.

On this show we discuss the privileges of criminal white cops + the terrorism double standard + the Mike Vick protest + tragedy of Zymere Perkins & more

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