Bro. Ahmose discusses the Origins of Humanity and the 2022 Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda Educational and Cultural tour on Kimathi Lives with Host and Social Architect Ayo Kimathi

Fasil Cherenet joins us to discuss the truth about the current situation in Ethiopia, the TPLF, and the western media's fake news.

On today's show we discuss the latest details of the Ahmaud Arbery case and the recent protest against the French Military in Burkina Faso.

November 9, 2021

Ethiopia State of Emergency

We discuss the current United States and Egypt attempt to destabilize Ethiopia and other important updates on the continent.

On today's show we discuss Gabriel Prosser's rebellion, the continued denial of the release of Sundiata Acoli and the acceptance of Afghan refugees by Uganda at the request of the United States.

Brother Daren Muhammad joins us to discuss the jab and its effects.

On the show we discuss the Tulsa Race Massacre of Little Afrika.  We also discuss the media’s shift on the origin of the Dr. Fauci disease.

Brother William Jasper joins us to discuss Ujima and the Charlotte community.

On today's show, we discuss the recent police killings of Black people and other events post the Derek Chauvin case.

Baba Reggie Singleton founder of The Males Place in Charlotte, NC joins us to discuss Black Manhood and Agricultural Projects.

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