Irritated Genie joins us to discuss his recent travels to Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe to fight the homophile assault on central east Afrika.

Patrice Funderburg and Gemini Boyd join us to discuss the systematic oppression in the criminal justice system and prison institutions.

Sister Ebony founder of Afrikan Star Academy joins us to discuss Afrikan centered homeschooling and her journey to starting a home school.

We sit down with the warrior martial arts teacher Sifu Stephen Muhammad of Eye 2 Eye combat to discuss the importance of training and being prepared for self-offense as well as self-defense.

This week we discuss why we cannot be fooled by white interest in reparations.  We also discuss Zimbabwe agreeing to pay white farmers compensation for their land and South Afrikan president Cyril Ramaphosa begging whites to stay in the country.

Today we discuss the recent tragic deaths of Afrikans in our community.  We also analyze the Jessie Smollet hoax and the recent reports of whites spreading AIDS in South Afrika.

European Scientists have created genetically modified mosquitoes to fight malaria.  We breakdown what this means for Afrika, and we also discuss the rising interest in reparations and the latest politics in the US.

Brother Justin Lewter joins us to discuss the impact that the drug war and legalized marijuana are having on black people.  We also discuss the latest white terror attack in New Zealand and breakdown why "pan-Afrikanism" needs to be redefined.

On the show, we discuss the importance of speaking and owning the truth.  We breakdown Ilhan Omar's retraction of her statements on Barack Obama.  We also discuss Hillary Clinton's mockery of Selma and the infotainment of the FBI. 

US Correspondent to the Zimbabwe Herald Obi Egbuna joins us on ALM to discuss the current political situations in Venezuela and Zimbabwe. 

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