T'Shango Mbilishaka joins us to discuss Afrikan warrior traditions, his life journey in fighting and training, and the Afrikan practitioners of the Afrikan Combat Sciences.

On today's show, we discuss the Tanzanian government stopping the 10 billion dollar Chinese port project and much more.

 On today's show, we discuss the recent examples of gentrification and give a historical analysis of the impact it has had on Afrikan people.  We also discuss Elizabeth Warren's plot to take reparations away from Black people and the ongoing senseless violence killing our children.

Today we analyze the recent reparations hearing and discuss what's currently happening in Tanzania with the country and President Magafuli. 

On the show, we broadcast live from the House of Africa during this year's celebration of Juneteenth of the Carolinas.

On the show, we discuss Amos Wilson's book on Understanding Black Adolescent Male Violence and we give our opinion on the new Netflix miniseries "When They See Us" which depicts the wrongful conviction of the Central Park 5.

On the show, we discuss the continued senseless violence in our community and solutions to stop it.

On the show, we discuss current events, the unfair treatment of our political prisoners, open season on Afrikan people from police officers and the upcoming Afrikan Liberation Day.

Irritated Genie joins us to discuss his recent travels to Uganda, Kenya, and Zimbabwe to fight the homophile assault on central east Afrika.

Patrice Funderburg and Gemini Boyd join us to discuss the systematic oppression in the criminal justice system and prison institutions.

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