Brother Justin Lewter joins us to discuss the impact that the drug war and legalized marijuana are having on black people.  We also discuss the latest white terror attack in New Zealand and breakdown why "pan-Afrikanism" needs to be redefined.

On the show, we discuss the importance of speaking and owning the truth.  We breakdown Ilhan Omar's retraction of her statements on Barack Obama.  We also discuss Hillary Clinton's mockery of Selma and the infotainment of the FBI. 

US Correspondent to the Zimbabwe Herald Obi Egbuna joins us on ALM to discuss the current political situations in Venezuela and Zimbabwe. 

 Today we discuss the recent February 21st and the assassination of Malcolm X + American mercenaries caught in Haiti, Coast Gaurd Lt. Christopher Hasson's terrorist plot to start a race war and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft busted in a prostitution massage parlor arrested the same day as R. Kelly.

We return to the studio to discuss the Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid settlement with the NFL, Dr. Umar Johnson's school location announcement, Jussie Smollet faking his own attach and Mayweather's response to T.I. on boycotting Gucci.

We discuss the mainstream media war on independent media and how to combat it.  We also analyze the accusations of violence in Zimbabwe, the presidential situation in Venezuela, and the protection of whites under the laws in the United States.

Human rights attorney Ezili Danto joins us to discuss the history of Ayiti (Haiti) and the current condition of our Afrikan family in Ayiti.  Sister Ezili gives a thorough analysis of the Haitian Revolution, Papa Doc Duvalier, and the rape and pillage currently taking place in Haiti by the UN peacekeepers and Clinton crime family.

Today we discuss Charleena Lyles, who was pregnant and suffered from mental health issues and was shot seven times -- in her chest, arm, hip, and abdomen, including at least one bullet that hit her unborn child, by two Seattle police officers.  We also talk about the recent R. Kelly docuseries #Survivingrkelly.

On the show, we discuss the latest updates on the arrest of the killers of Jazmine Barnes and we give an update on the elections in the Congo.

Ghana University professor Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon joins us to discuss the history of the racist Mahatma Ghandi, and the recent removal of his statue in Ghana.

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